Penokean Hills Farms offers a fundraising program as a way to raise money for special causes. Whether it be for a school trip, a sports team or charity, our goal is to support your groups efforts in a tangible way. What makes this program unique is that local beef makes the selling process quite a lot easier because its something already being regularly consumed by the majority of families in the area.

How It Works:

  1. To host a fundraiser, give us a call at 705.782.4224 for more details. We are happy to discuss specific details and create a fundraising plan of action.
  2. We’ll send you fundraiser forms which can be filled out with orders received. Each customer can write their contact information on the order form and purchase the items they would like to order.
  3. Once the fundraising period has successfully ended, each fundraiser member brings their sales sheets in and is consolidated. A pick up date and time window will discussed prior to the start of the fundraiser. (Typically 2 weeks after the fundraising time has ended). We will bring our refrigerated truck to your desired location and make the delivery of all orders to this central location.

1. All product must be paid for upfront by cheque or cash.
2. All products purchased will be delivered frozen, to a designated pickup location decided upon by the the fundraiser organizer.
3. All fundraisers must be booked in advance and have a timeline approved by Penokean Hills Farms in order to guarantee your requested dates.

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