What are the Penokean Hills?

The Penokean Hills refers to a geographic region between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury Ontario which is marked for its white granite and rolling hills. All farms producing for Penokean Hills Farms are located within this region.

What products does Penokean Hills Farms offer?

We currently offer an all-natural angus based beef and have plans to also offer a line of pork in the next couple of years. We are always exploring new opportunities to grow the locally produced meats we offer. We take orders by the side and quarter (split-side), offer bulk boxes of varying quantities, individual cuts and boxed beef for wholesale.

What type of beef do you raise?

Penokean Hills Farms produces an all-naturally raised Angus based beef. They are raised without the use of any added hormones or antibiotics and are 100% traceable from field to plate. The calves are born on pasture and free to feed off its mother and the natural grasses available to them. Towards the end of their life-cycle they are introduced to our finishing diet which is field-pea based in nature. This diet is geared to promote a great taste and tenderness in product. The content of field-peas is also beneficial to the cattle as there are higher amounts of protein in it as opposed to a corn-based diet which contains higher levels of sugars and empty carbohydrates.

How do I place an order for a side or quarter?

Side and quarter orders can be placed by calling 705.782.4224 or emailing us at info@phfarms.ca. We’ll go through a cut sheet with you to customize your order to best suit your needs and help you receive the best overall value in your order. A $1000 deposit is required to secure your side or a $500 deposit for a quarter. First time ordering? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is the average size of a side of Penokean Hills Farms beef (hot hanging weight)?

Typical sides are 375-450lbs

What is hot hanging weight?

Hot hanging weight refers to the carcass weight when hanging in the cooler, with bones-in, before aging or cooling. A typical side of beef will yield about 60%-65% of this weight in boneless cuts.

How long is your beef aged for?

All Penokean Hills Farms beef has been hung for a minimum of 14 days with the capability of longer periods of time when needed.

How long does it take to receive an order of beef?

Side and quarter orders typically take 3 weeks time, depending on the processing schedule. All beef is first dry-aged and hung for at least two weeks to provide extra tenderness and flavour.

How does my beef order get packaged?

Side and quarter orders are cut and wrapped to your specifications provided in the cutting instructions. You can have the cuts paper wrapped to decrease processing costs or for an additional cost, you may chose to have orders vacuum packaged.